Crisis Management


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Crisis Management

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Crisis Management is essential learning for every workplace leader. This course goes over the basics of who needs to be on a crisis management team, how to conduct thorough audits of existing programs, and techniques for identifying risks. Sessions include developing a threat response process, managing incidents , assigning roles to the crisis management team, setting up an emergency operations center, problem solving, and realistic exercises to apply what’s being learned in meaningful ways.

  • Course Overview
  • What is Crisis Management? • Defining Terms • The Crisis Management Team • Creating the Team
  • Training Leaders and Staff • Training Essentials • Conducting Training
  • Conducting the Crisis Audit • Why Audit? • Using a Risk Matrix
  • Performing a Risk Level Analysis • The Four Categories • Case Studies
  • Developing a Response Process • Pre-Assignment Review • Crisis Response Process
  • Consulting with the Experts
  • Incident Management Techniques • Case Study • Responding to Incidents • Documenting Incidents • Investigating Incidents
  • Working through the Issues • Model Overview • Phase One • Phase Two • Phase Three • Types of Decisions
  • Establishing an Emergency Operations Center • EOC Considerations • Who is In Charge?
  • Building Business Continuity and Recovery • Creating Continuity • Essential Crisis Plan Elements
  • Walliallia • Background • Exercise One: Gas Line Explosion at Water Plant • Exercise Two: How are you Feeling? • Exercise Three: The Last Question
  • Recovering and Moving On • Initial Adjustments • Working Things Out
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Course Evaluation