Microsoft Excel 2016


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Microsoft Excel 2016

Our Microsoft Excel 2016 training materials provides you with a fully-customizable package of courseware content for delivering Microsoft Office training to your employees and/or students. Everything you need to run the course is included, just add trainer!

All courseware print licences are perpetual – buy once and use forever!

  • Complete. Three part course.
  • Fully customizable. Sold on a site licence basis, you can tailor ALL content to meet specific learning or corporate requirements.
  • Digital download. Content is available to download after purchase.
  • Proven. Our course materials are used in hundreds of training centres around the world. Every course is fully beta tested and validated in the classroom before undergoing a full production release.
  • Simple… No need to invest in expensive DTP applications – all files are easily editable in any word processor.
  • Print on demand. You only need to print exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Totally flexible. Courses can be modified to meet specific requirements. Sections can be removed. New content added. One or more titles can be combined. Whatever your training requirements, our courseware can help you meet that need.
  • Unlimited users. Content is sold on a site licence basis. You can train as many staff or employees at that location as you like. Forever!
  • Buy once. Use forever! You’re buying a perpetual licence. One payment gives you an unlimited site licence for use as long as you need it.
  • No limits! Unlike some content providers, our licence enables you to reprint the courseware as many times as you like. 1 student or 100,000. No limits…

Student manual

Fully customisable. May be opened in any word processor and changed to meet your exact needs.

Student workbook

Fully customisable. Additional book includes series of practical tasks and review questions.

Student workbook exercises

Sample exercises to accompany the student workbook.

Trainer manual

Fully customisable with additional information for trainers.

Timetable and lesson plans

Detailed timetable and plans ensure you deliver the best possible course

PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations. Fully customisable. Complete set of PowerPoint slides for use by the trainer.

Course contents: Part 1

  • Identify the Elements of the Excel Interface • Microsoft Excel 2016 • What are Spreadsheets, Worksheets, and Workbooks? • What are Columns, Rows, Cells, and Ranges? • The Excel Interface • Navigation Options • Creating a New Blank Workbook • Creating a New Workbook from a Template
  • Create a Basic Worksheet • The Ribbon • The Backstage View • Data Types • Excel 2016 File Formats • The Save and Save As Commands • Saving to Microsoft OneDrive • Compatibility Mode • The Convert Option • The Compatibility Checker • Checking for Accessibility Issues
  • Use the Help System • Using Tell Me • Accessing Advanced Help Options • Review Questions
  • Create Formulas in a Worksheet • Excel Formulas • The Formula Bar • Elements of an Excel Formula • Common Mathematical Operators • The Order of Operations
  • Insert Functions in a Worksheet • Functions • The Function Library • Common Functions in Excel • The Formula AutoComplete Feature
  • Reuse Formulas • The Cut, Copy, and Paste Commands • Paste Special Options • Relative References • Absolute References • Mixed References • Review Questions
  • Manipulate Data • The Undo and Redo Commands • The AutoFill Feature • AutoFill Options • The Transpose Option • Live Preview • The Clear Button
  • Insert, Manipulate, and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows • The Insert and Delete Options • Column Width and Row Height Alternation Methods • The Hide and Unhide Options
  • Search For and Replace Data • Cell Names and Range Names • The Find Command • The Replace Command • The Go To Command
  • Spell Check a Worksheet • The Spelling Dialog Box • Review Questions
  • Formatting a Worksheet • Fonts • The Font Group • The Format Cells Dialog Box • The Format Painter • Galleries • Live Preview and Formatting • The Mini Toolbar
  • Add Borders and Colors to Cells • Border Options • Fill Options • Sheet Backgrounds • Paste Options
  • Apply Number Formats • Number Formats • Number Formats in Excel • Custom Number Formats
  • Align Cell Contents • Alignment Options • The Indent Commands • The Wrap Text Command • Orientation Options • The Merge & Center Options
  • Apply Cell Styles • Cell Styles • The Style Dialog Box • Review Questions
  • Define the Basic Page Layout for a Workbook • The Print Options in Backstage View • The Page Setup Dialog Box • The Print Preview Option • Workbook Views • Headers and Footers • Header and Footer Settings • Page Margins • Margins Tab Options • Page Orientation
  • Refine the Page Layout and Apply Print Options • Zoom Options • Page Breaks • Page Break Options • The Print Area • Print Titles • Scaling Options • Review Questions
  • Format Worksheet Tabs • Renaming Worksheet Tabs • Changing Tab Color
  • Manage Worksheets • Grouped Worksheets • Repositioning Worksheets • Inserting or Deleting Worksheets • Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets • Worksheet References in Formulas
  • Manage the View of Worksheets and Workbooks • The Split Command • The Freeze Panes Options • The Arrange All Command • The Arrange Windows Dialog Box • The View Side by Side Command • The Switch Windows Command • The New Window Command • Review Questions
  • Customize General and Language Options • The Excel Options Dialog Box • The General Category • The Language Category
  • Customize Formula Options • The Formulas Category
  • Customize Proofing and Save Options • The Proofing Category • The Save Category • Version Control
  • Customize the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar • The Customize Ribbon Category • The Quick Access Toolbar Category
  • Customize the Functionality of Excel by Enabling Add-Ins • What Are Add-ins? • The Add-Ins Category • The Developer Tab
  • Customize Advanced and Trust Center Options • The Advanced Category • The Trust Center Category • Review Questions
  • Appendices • Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet • Glossary • Index

Course contents: Part 3

  • Update Workbook Properties • Workbook Properties
  • Create and Edit a Macro • Macros • The Record Macro Dialog Box • Naming Macros • Visual Basic for Applications • Copying Macros Between Workbooks • Macro Security Settings
  • Apply Conditional Formatting • Conditional Formatting • Conditional Formats • The Conditional Formatting Rules Manager Dialog Box • The New Formatting Rule Dialog Box • Clear Rules
  • Add Data Validation Criteria • Data Validation • The Data Validation Dialog Box • Review Questions
  • Trace Cells • The Trace Cells Feature • Tracer Arrows
  • Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formula Errors • Invalid Data • The Error Checking Command • Error Types
  • Watch and Evaluate Formulas • The Watch Window • Formula Evaluation
  • Create a Data List Outline • Outlines • The Outline Group • Review Questions
  • Create Sparklines • Sparklines • Types of Sparklines • The Sparkline Tools – Design Tab
  • Create Scenarios • Scenarios • The What-If Analysis Tools • The Scenario Manager Dialog Box
  • Perform a What-If Analysis • Add-In Types • Goal Seek Feature • The Solver Tool
  • Perform a Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak • Analysis ToolPak • The Data Analysis Dialog Box
  • Create Interactive Data with Power View • The Power View Add-In • Enabling Power View • Creating a Power View • Review Questions
  • Consolidate Data • Data Consolidation • The Consolidate Dialog Box • Consolidation Functions
  • Link Cells in Different Workbooks • External References
  • Merge Workbooks • The Compare and Merge Workbooks Feature • Review Questions
  • Export Excel Data • The Export Process
  • Import a Delimited Text File • The Import Process • The Get External Data Group • Delimited Text Files • Methods of Importing Text Files
  • Integrate Excel Data with the Web • The File Publishing Process • Publish as Web Page Dialog Box
  • Create a Web Query • Web Queries • The New Web Query Dialog Box • Review Questions
  • Import and Export XML Data • XML • XML Components • XML Schemas • XML Maps • The XML Source Task Pane • Import and Export XML Data • Review Questions
  • Appendices • Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet • Glossary • Index